Live Life More Abundantly

Calm and Undisturbed Mind and Heart are the Life and Health of the Body....Proverbs 14:30


Health and fitness are the foundations of a more productive life. Together, they help you look better and feel more energetic. When you look and feel better, in turn you live better. You carry yourself better. You know your worth. You eat better. You respond better to everyday situations. Negative situations won't affect you as harshly as they use to because now your mind is clearer. You begin to be more content and pleasant to be with. You want to be around like-minded people. It's very important with our busy schedules to make time to care for ourselves.  My personal experience of wearing many hats and not leaving time for myself gives me compassion and helps me relate to those going through the same.

Everyday life is stressful. Family, career, school, and our individual lives can become overwhelming. Everyone needs time to rebalance and recharge. Expression-thru-Movement is that place. I will provide the health and wellness tools so you can focus on being the best you possible.

Choosing either private or group sessions, Expression-thru-Movement will offer you an outlet from your daily concerns through fun workouts. Whether it's in a challenging strength training class, pedaling in a Spinning® class or a good relaxing but powerful stretch in pilates, whatever class or classes you choose you will leave feeling better than when you arrived. If you are too busy to leave your home, your office, your store, or your shop. I can come to you. There is no excuse.  Whether you live in a small apartment or you need an energy boost at work, I can show you how to get a maximum workout with limited time and space.  All that is required is your dedication.

Private and group nutritional sessions are also available. Exercising is only a small part of getting fit. We must eat healthy too. From babies to baby boomers, there are high rates of obesity, heart disease and early death due to poor eating habits. No one is exempt. 

My personalized health sessions will help break this epidemic. I don't focus on diets. I focus on a healthier lifestyle.  Maintaining good health begins with gradual change. I will incorporate what works for you and remove what doesn't. 

You are the focus! Start slowly, and make small changes to see long, lasting results. Find your balance. Allow Expression-thru-Movement to be a part of your journey! 

I love to share what has helped me become a more fulfilled woman. 

Ask yourself. Are YOU worth YOUR time?

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Thank you for your interest.

Tonya Taylor